Confessions of a Secret Admirer


Some secrets are meant to be revealed …
Or so you’ll discover, in three sexy, unforgettable Valentine’s Day stories from New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ryan and contemporary romance stars Candis Terry and Jennifer Seasons.

Waiting for You by Jennifer Ryan
Rancher Grant Devane has waited for Taylor Larson’s return to Fallbrook for more than ten years. Now that the fearless beauty has come home on her terms, he’ll do anything and everything necessary to win back her heart.

Sweet Fortune by Candis Terry
Sarah Randall is tired of being invisible to the opposite sex. So when a leap of faith sends her to Sweet, Texas, and into the path of ridiculously hot Deputy Brady Bennett, she’s determined to catch his eye … even if it means staying hidden just a little bit longer.

Major League Crush by Jennifer Seasons
Professional baseball player Drake Paulson can’t help wanting to know more about his cute, shy neighbor. But when he discovers her deepest secret and she flees, it’ll be up to him to win her trust-and her love-one gift at a time.

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Avon Impulse Happy 3rd Birthday Celebration & Giveaway (week 2)

Posted at Apr 14, 2014 4:27 pm


22 years was a heck of a long time to work at getting a book published. I considered it a wonderful phase of learning my craft. Which is not to say I didn’t get discouraged or consider quitting once in awhile. Lucky (and smartly) for me I hung on. This month I have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate 3 years of my first Sugar Shack book being published with Avon Impulse.

Each Friday (April 18, 25, 2014) the prize of a complete 3 book set of signed Sugar Shack books and a $10.00 gift card for either Amazon or Barnes and Noble will be awarded to a random commenter for that week’s interview on my website blog (

With celebration in mind, I’m continuing week 2 of Interviews with Letty.

For those of you unfamiliar with Letty, she is the quintessential pastry queen of Deer Lick, Montana, and the mother of Kate, Dean, and Kelly Silverthorne. She’s also pretty much dead. As in RIP dead. But that hasn’t stopped her from popping in and meddling in her children’s lives. Because, hey, when you’re good at something, why let a little thing like being dead get in the way, right?

Before we get to the interview with Dean Silverthorne and Emma Hart from Any Given Christmas, Letty has a couple of reader questions she’s dying to answer.

Candis: I have to admit I miss you, Letty.

Letty: Miss me? Where’d I go?

CT: Ha! It’s easy to see you’re still up to your old mischief.

LS: Well, what you might call mischief, I call intensive preparation and organization for the future.

CT: So . . . in other words, scheming to get what you want.

LS: Scheming sounds so harsh. (gives a wicked smile) Although all this formulating has definitely gotten me into trouble more than once with the big Kahuna. If you know what I mean.

CT: Which reminds me, please stop moving things around in my house or I’ll have to call the poltergeist police on you. Finding my underwear in the freezer was not funny.

LS: Eh. (shrugs a transparent shoulder) It all depends on your definition of funny.

CT: Let’s get down to readers questions, shall we? The first one comes from Karen who wants to know: What was your favorite way to surprise your kids with your arrival into their lives from the afterlife?

LS: Well, forcing them to listen to that hip-swinging crooner, Tom Jones, was fun. But sadly I was never able to surprise them the way I really wanted to. (winks) Heaven’s got rules that take the fun out of things. I guess my favorite way was to pick just the right moment to pop in. Like with my first visit to Dean. Even I didn’t see that one coming. I had to act fast because the love of his life was coming straight at him and he might have missed her.

CT: You almost caused a car accident.

LS: I’ve done worse in my day. Besides, it worked, didn’t it?

CT: (sigh) Okay, second question: Elizabeth wants to know if you visit your husband in the afterlife too, or is it just to “meddle” in your children’s lives?

LS: I visit my Bobby. In his dreams. Can’t give you details, but I do leave him with a smile.

CT: Yeesh. TMI. With that I’m warily handing over the interview reins. Letty, please be kind to Dean and Emma.

LS: Of course I’ll be kind. I want grandchildren. Maybe I’d better get going so they can get to work.

Emma: Dean, stop that! (giggles) Your mother’s watching.

Dean: Great timing, Mom.

LS: As always. So let’s get down to the basics. Emma, my darling, at first you didn’t care for my beautiful boy. What was up with that?

EH: There wasn’t enough room for me, him, and his ego.

LS: (snort) Good one.

DS: Mom!

LS: Okay, moving on before I get in trouble.

DS: Too late.

LS: Dean, in the beginning you were floored harder than being drilled into the fifty yard line when Emma didn’t seem interested in you. How did you handle her quick comebacks and flat-out rejections?

DS: Is it crazy for me to wonder whose side you’re on here?

LS: A mother never chooses sides.

DS: That’s not what Kate says.

LS: Answer the question please.

DS: It’s the practice of persuasion. Can’t give you the details but you might want to check with Emma about how we spent our first New Year’s Eve together.

EH: I can’t seem to remember. (grins) Maybe you should remind me.

DS: I remember it being pretty explosive. (pulls her in for a kiss) How’s that for starters?

LS: How did I lose control of this interview?

DS: You mean you think you had control in the first place?

LS: Maybe I’ll have better luck next week with Kelly and James.

DS: Right. Maybe you’ve forgotten Kelly’s a hard-ass prosecutor.

LS: Was a hard-ass prosecutor. Now she’s a clown.

DS: I’m going to tell her you said that. Maybe then I can get back to being your favorite.

Candis here again. Is it just me or are these interviews going downhill on roller skates?

Okay, readers, to enter my Week 2 Avon Impulse Birthday Party Giveaway, all you have to do is leave a quick comment about the hero in the last romance novel you just read and what made you love or dislike him. You don’t have to tell me the name of the book if you don’t want. Or you can leave a question for Letty (good luck with actually getting a straight answer). J

Winners for each week will be chosen on designated Fridays at 7:00 pm EST.

Giveaway is open to U.S., Canadian, and International residents. If you live on Mars, sorry, I can’t afford postage.